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Debate on the Daily is a cross-platform smartphone application designed to help the most novice of debaters to top ranked students in the nation exercise their public speaking skills and improve!

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How do we help you?

Here at Debate on the Daily, we strongly believe that the metric of how comprehensive any service is, determines how helpful it is to the user. As a result, Debate on the Daily offers a wide range of features, some of which are previewed below!


With community interaction, daily news, learning resources, round notes, recordings, and so many more features, Debate on the Daily allows you to never have to leave the app to fulfill your needs. We have also organized the app into different sections so that you can navigate through the app easily!


We preserve your security in the safest methods possible by ensuring that moderation is regularly conducted within the app to detect malicious content, using backend analytics software to detect account breaches, and offering options on the frontend such as resetting your password!


Two specific features within our app, the practice debates and topic forum modules, are both features that connect you with thousands of students from 90+ countries across the globe. This allows you to gain different perspectives and always learn more about what's going on in the world!

Online Access

Debate on the Daily isn't like most debate resources out there. Many have video lectures, slides, classes, etc. which can often be demotivating to go through or hard to access if your area isn't as populated with debaters. Our app can be accessed on iPhones, Androids, Macs, tablets, and iPads anywhere!

Making your app experience the best

In an effort to get a wide range of perspectives, we continuously develop new features, frequently roll out updates, and bring you the best possible experience. Below are some milestones we'd love to highlight:

Rolled out 26 versions since the initial release
Added 4 entirely new features
Recruited students from 7 different debate formats

As Simple as 1, 2, 3


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Soon, we will be rolling out many features such as round recordings, overtime performance analyzers, etc. so creating an account will help store all that info.


Work with our App

We've created these features just for you. Use them as you would like to improve yourself and bring others up with you.


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What our users have to say

Here at Debate on the Daily, we iterate and innovate based on our user demographic. If our debaters want a feature, we maintain a discord server at https://discord.gg/FpHZpQvHX2 where our users can suggest new features that they believe would be helpful! Join our discord to provide feature suggestions and interact with our wonderful community!

If you like what you see and are interested in joining the team, fill out the form below! Even if you're not interested in the tech, we have other divisions, so give it a shot!

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"This app has many features which I haven’t been able to find elsewhere, and all the features I want are in one app, so it’s all really convenient! I myself am not a splendid debater, but find this app very useful for the purpose of learning about debate, sharpening my skills, and checking out debate related news. I definitely recommend this app to debaters and those who are looking into debate!"

Aarush Panda
Debate on the Daily User

"Throughout my debate career, I have been looking for a debate app that would help me out. Unfortunately, before Debate on the Daily, I have not. However, this app changed that. It has so many helpful resources that specifically benefit me as a debater. I would STRONGLY suggest this to all the debaters out there!"

Debate on the Daily User

"This was super helpful for me as a debater, and made it much easier to gain access to many resources that I never would have found on my own! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in debate!"

John X.
Debate on the Daily User

"This app is great! My school’s debate club loves it. I definitely recommend checking it out and following it as it gets improved"

T. P.
Debate on the Daily User

"Really good app, the workflow isn't hard to understand, and the support behind this app is great!"

Clyde T.
Debate on the Daily User

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