Here's some info about who we are

We're proud of what we've been able to accomplish so far, and are greatful for all of you helping us move towards these benchmarks! However, we are continuously innovating, and we hope to expand our reach as we continue on!

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About Debate on the Daily

Debate on the Daily was founded by a realization that the internet presence of debate is severely lacking. Finding resources online was tough, and many times, learning would be done through lectures or lengthy youtube videos that would try to explain debate in the most systematic way possible. Debate on the Daily takes a different approach.

Debate on the Daily is a cross-platform smartphone application designed to help students improve their public speaking and argumentative skills. The app is hand tailored by experienced debaters for debaters, and has many useful features such as interacting with other students for practice debates, viewing the daily news in specified topic areas, soon there will be a speech analytics module powered by machine learning, and so many more amazing features!

Our team

Our team is always looking to expand! With a comunnity of tens of thousands, we need ample staff to support our growing family.

We are looking for dedicated individuals who have a passion for marketing, finance, public speaking, video creation, or technology. Some characteristics of our more succesful applicants have been ingenuinty and a strong sense of self-drive!


  • Scholarship to CSU Long Beach to compete on forensics team
  • Ranked top 15 in the nation for parliamentary debate
  • Champion of Jack Howe Invitational
  • Champion of Stanford Invitational
  • Champion of Vikings Invitational
  • CA States Qualifier
  • Debate Team Vice President
  • Qualified to TX State in sophomore year
  • Qualified for Nationals (freshmen year)
  • Won PF tournaments within HCMC

If you are interested in joining the team, please fill out the application at and join our discord server at to keep up to date and interact with our community!